Monday, January 16, 2017

Odds 'n Ends January 2017

I'll be using this space each month to talk a little bit about pop culture and other non-crafty things that have been on my radar recently. Since I only podcast once a month, this segment doesn't really seem to be a good fit anymore for the recorded show. I'd still like to give you my thoughts and recommendations in case you are interested.


  • Presidential podcast: I may have mentioned this one before, but I took a break from it late summer into fall because presidential politics just got too tough for me to stomach. I'm back to listening now and I just finished the Warren Harding episode. I'm really enjoying it again.
  • How Did This Get Made? podcast: I found this podcast pretty recently. it tickles all my funny bones. basically it's 3 comedians + one guest recording a live show where they make fun of terrible movies--kind of like MST3K for podcasts.


  • Fleabag (on Amazon prime): A lot of people won't like this show. it has unapologetically frank explicit humor that is out of the mainstream, especially for a female comedian. However, if you aren't easily offended, you will love it. It's hilarious and also devastatingly sad. It has one of the better depictions I've ever seen on the complexity of sibling relationships and of female friendships. It's also only six episodes long.
  • Broadchurch S2 (on Netflix): Dear god, this was compellingly terrible. I liked Season 1, although it was hard to watch at times. Season 2 is just a mess. I know nothing of British law, but the courtroom scenes were dramatic, over-the-top drivel and the outcome of that entire plot line was beyond awful. The new mystery was a little bit better but good grief, does every story have to be about child murder? I like the two main characters but I'm not sure I'll tune in for the third season.


  • Make America Kittens Again: This is a Chrome extension that blocks pictures of Donald Trump and replaces them with pictures of kittens. It doesn't always work and I wish there were an even more diverse library of kittens but it mostly gets the job done and keeps my stomach from churning every moment of every day. It's great to have if you subscribe to the Washington Post.

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