Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Rocksbox Review #1


Buying jewelry online can be tricky. I just recently bought a necklace that looked fine on etsy but when I got it in the mail I didn't realize how absolutely enormous it is. I decided to give Rocksbox a try as I thought it might fit my needs better. Rocksbox is basically a Netflix subscription for designer jewelry. For $19 a month (I got a free trial for my first month) you fill out a style profile and your stylist sends you 3 coordinating pieces of jewelry. Their offerings are necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. You can wear your pieces as long as you'd like and when you are finished with them, you return them in a prepaid envelope and get three more pieces. You also have the option to purchase any of the pieces that you like at a discounted price. You can favorite pieces on the website in the hopes that your stylist will send it to you.

Rocksbox also gives you a $10 credit that expires every month towards a purchase and you can give 3 recommendations per month to friends. If any of your friends ends up subscribing you will get a $25 credit that doesn't expire. I subscribed because I really like the idea of trying out new jewelry and having a constant flow of new accessories without having to necessarily keep anything. I also like the ability to purchase the jewelry if I do want to add it to my permanent collection.

Piece #1: SLATE Maya Necklace in Silver $44 Insiders' Price


I had added this necklace to my wishlist. I liked it but it wasn't my favorite. The tassel-ly things kept getting tangled up in the other chains and it was kind of annoying. Plus the necklace was a little boring for my taste as I prefer bolder necklaces. This piece got returned.

Piece #2: Sophie Harper Pavé Square Studs in Silver $36 Insiders' Price


I didn't like these earrings at all. I like very small delicate earrings. These were too large for my taste and too on the modernist side. I prefer more classic earrings. These got sent back.

Piece #3: Gorjana Elea Ring in Silver Size: 6 $60 Insiders' Price


I wasn't planning to keep any of the pieces from my first box but I couldn't resist this ring. From the pictures online I didn't think I was going to like it but it looks so delicate on. I fell in love with it and had to keep it.

For my next box I asked my stylist to mix it up a little more. I don't like my accessories to be too matchy-matchy. I enjoyed my first box and I plan to keep the subscription for now. If you are interested in trying out Rocksbox for free for one month, shoot me an email at knottygnome [at] gmail and I would be happy to share my referral code.

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