Monday, February 08, 2016

Show Notes for Ep 30: Second Chance DPNs

Spoiler Alert: I show the January shipment of the Hello Yarn club during Guilty Pleasures. Join the Fashionably Late K(C)AL in the Ravelry Group

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors:
Andi of Andre Sue Knits
Erin of Holland Handmade
Ellie of ColoRings by Ellie (Use code KNOTTY10 for 10% off purchase of $10 or more. Valid through April 15th.)

Finished Objects
Works in Progress
Cross Stitch
Guilty Pleasures
Stash Report

January/2016 Totals:
4074 yds yarn used
8398 yds yarn destashed
12472 yds yarn / 7 lbs yarn total

8 oz fiber used
60 oz fiber destashed
4.22 lbs fiber total

What I Watched Read

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