Friday, August 21, 2015

Show Notes for knottygnome crafts podcast Ep 11: Boring Man Colors

The Handspun Shawl KAL is still going on through the end of September and the Malabrigo Nube giveaway is open for one more week in the Ravelry Group.

Works in Progress
Guilty Pleasures

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  1. Haha! Boring man colors! That's been my life for a month now! (I like the term "man friendly yarn" too...I think I'll use that to stay more positive!) I finished Ian's hat...ugh, grey! And now I'm trying to finish up a dark navy Lintilla for a friend at work. The navy is so pretty (Ink TML, I think) but I'm getting pretty sick of it.

    Thank goodness for your KAL! I'm really enjoying the bright colors and seeing the stripes's a nice break from the boring colors of my other projects. :)

    Also, thanks for answering my question. I thought probably I would need to add more I do when I twist fringe for my woven scarves. But I don't have any yarn twisting devices and don't really want to get into making my own yarn right now...can you even imagine with all the other things I don't have time for?

    Anyway, thanks for trying it out and showing what the yarn would look like. I might go crazy and try to do it by hand someday...who knows. But at least I know to add more twist first. Thanks!!



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