Monday, May 04, 2015

One Finish, a Leftover Leftovers Blanket, & a Mini-Review

Poste Yarn Socks

My 9th pair of socks in 2015 is done. Toe-up, #0 40" Karbonz, TAAT, 60 sts inc to 64 at the cuff, afterthought heel, ladies' size 6. I used Poste Yarn in the Danxia Landform colorway. When I divided the skein into two balls I decided to try something new, so I made my socks match. They aren't exact but pretty close. I remain "meh" about matching socks but it does make it easier when figuring out the heel placement.

I use about 6g of yarn for each square on my mitered square blanket. I've been trading a lot of 10g skeins, so I end up with a small but substantial amount of leftovers. Because I'm completely nuts I decided to use the teeniest bits in another blanket. This one is a simple granny hexagon using join as you go. I wanted it to look distinct from my other blanket even though I'm using the same yarns so I am edging each hexagon with Knit Picks Stroll Tweed in Dove Heather. I'm enjoying this project apart from having to weave in the ends but I like the other one a little bit more.

Leftover Leftovers blanket

I've been using the same ol' Susan Bates/Boye metal hooks for years but I wanted to branch out and try some other hooks because I do get wrist pain when crocheting. I bought two size C hooks, a Clover Amour and a Tulip Etimo. I made a couple of motifs with each hook and quickly discovered that I very much prefer the Clover hook for a couple of reasons.

  1. The Knit Picks Stroll Tweed yarn isn't very tightly plied and it's fairly easy to split. Although the shape of the hooks don't appear to be that different, the Tulip hook split the yarn much more than the Clover.
  2. I hold my hook with a knife grip. The Tulip hook has an indentation where your thumb is supposed to rest. My grip is naturally closer to the hook end which makes this indentation uncomfortable for me. The Clover hook is flat without an indentation.
  3. This is fairly minor, but the Clover hook has a rubberized grip which feels nice in the hand, while the Tulip hook is simple plastic.
  4. I bought these with the intention of trying them out and eventually getting a set. The Clover set is color-coded, which makes it easy to find the size you need. The Tulip set has all the same colors and you'd need to rely on the printed sticker for the size.

Both hooks are superior to the metal ones I'm used to but I really like the Clover Amours. I plan to destash the Tulip hook and buy a set of the Clovers as soon as it's convenient.


  1. I LOVE your hexagons! They look so good with the grey borders. I think I like this one even better than your squares blanket but then again, I'm partial to hexagons. I started making some this far I'm quite enjoying making hexies. About how big are yours? Mine (without the white border) are 3" across (flat side to flat side), 3.5 from point to point.

  2. Those socks!!!!!



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