Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May's Spinning Report and Summer of Stash

Cormo Cross

I only finished one yarn this month. It's my cormo cross skein, 620yds / 124g, 3ply light fingering weight. Singles spun longdraw on the Rose, plied on the minispinner, lightly fulled to finish.

It took longer than it should have to finish this yarn. I'm just not as inspired to spin undyed fiber. The pin-drafted roving was lovely and is probably my favorite type of prep but I got bored spinning the same light grey singles. One noteworthy tidbit: while spinning the singles I didn't notice any lanolin, but while plying the singles were definitely a bit tacky. I used very hot water to finish the yarn and there was some grease left in the water. I like plenty of plying twist, but this skein is pretty overplied and is kinky in spots. I didn't do the greatest job but it should work fine for my vest project.

May's Spinning Totals: 5950 total yards in 2015, 77oz (4.8 lbs).

For Summer of Stash, I didn't buy any yarn. Hooray! This month I used 2228 yds which leaves 7772 yards to reach 10,000. For fiber, I did break my pledge and purchased a preorder from Nest for 8 oz. She put up more listings for the Mega SAL, and I had been unable to get any of the fiber from her previous update. These are limited edition colorways that I didn't want to miss out on. So boo on me for that one, but hopefully it'll be my last slip-up. I need to spin 28 oz to hit my goal of 2 lbs for this summer. This month I also received my expected delivery of Hello Yarn Mega SAL fibers. These are both Targhee. I'm planning to spin them together soon.

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