Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Flying South, blanket progress, and taking a break

It was not my intention to take such a long blogging break. Spicy was out of town for a few days so I was on my own (which, btw, being a single mom is hard, yo) and then blackkitty got sick. She's hanging in there for now but she has chronic kidney problems so we're looking at a sad slow decline. Besides that, I'm taking Fridays off work this summer so I've been working on lots of crafty things, including bag sewing, quilting, and some new knit and crochet designs. Plus we took the canoe out over the weekend which was pretty fun.

Flying South Socks

I know this pattern is called Flying North but the arrows point down, so in my directionally challenged mind it makes more sense to me as "flying south." I used the stitch pattern from these socks and improvised the rest. I tried out the padded sweet tomato heel for the first time and sadly it doesn't fit me well. The heels are quite shallow and the socks are very tight across the ankle which usually doesn't happen to me even with short-row or afterthought heels. I don't own the book and just followed the youtube video so I'm not sure if there are more detailed fitting tips in the book that I was missing out on. The fit is so poor though that I don't think I'll knit this heel again.

I used Wollmeise Twin in the Stella Polaris colorway and #0 addi sock rockets, toe-up, TAAT using magic loop. I knit one pair of socks with Wollmeise 100% and I got holes very quickly so I'm hoping that Twin holds up better.

This is my 10th finished pair of the year. Technically they were my April Personal Sock Club bag but I didn't start them until May. I'm kind of burned out on socks right now so I'm taking a break. I won't meet my goal of 26 pairs in 2015, but 26 pairs is an insane goal. If it took me over 10 years to knit 100 pairs, what am I thinking trying to get a quarter of the way to my next 100 in just one year? From here on out I will try to finish one pair a month but I might take another month off, or at least until thinking about knitting socks sounds appealing again.

Sock Yarn Blanket

I've slowed down on my sock yarn blanket but I finished another row and column. I'm up to 80 squares now. I've really enjoyed adding blanket squares with the leftovers from my finished projects and I've swapped minis with so many people that there are tons of new yarns to love.

Working on my hexie blanket #crochet #scrapyarnblanket

I don't enjoy my crochet granny hexagon nearly as much so it doesn't get a lot of attention. I don't dislike it but I think the fact that the motifs are smaller with twice as many ends slows me down. Right now I'm thinking I'd like to finish my mitered square blanket this year and once it's done I'll concentrate more on the crocheted one. I'm content at the moment to add a hexie or two as time allows.

I have more yarnie projects in the works but this post is long enough for now.


  1. It's good to take a break if it's no longer fun. 26 pairs is a crazy high amount!

  2. Too bad about the heel. It sure looks pretty though!

  3. Wait- you've knit 100 pairs of socks?! Amazing! I really like your blockers... I have an ugly plastic pair and wish I had wooden ones!



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