Monday, April 27, 2015

All the Knitting

Taking a blogging break last week was nice, but now I'm behind again on documenting my projects.

Hermione's Socks

I finished Spicy's March Personal Sock Club socks in April. They took forever because I knit them on #00 needles. One was toe-up and the other cuff-down. I used Hermione's Everyday Sock stitch pattern and my own hand-dyed MCN yarn. These were pair #8 for the year.

Poste Yarn socks

I'm trying to finish up pair #9 before the end of April but I don't know that I'll make it. These are simple self-striping socks with an afterthought heel knit with Poste Yarn.

GoT mitts

I knit Spicy a new pair of fingerless gloves with some yarn I bought at Rhinebeck. We just subscribed to HBO Now and started watching Game of Thrones. This colorway is called Hand of the King and I had no clue what that meant when I bought it, but now I do. I knit these on Friday evening and am regretting it because my left wrist has been hurting ever since.

Sock Yarn Blanket

Finally, I finished another row on my sock yarn blanket. I'm not sure what I will do when I run out of unique sock yarn leftovers, which is actually a real possibility now. I've been participating in some trades so I can get in a few more rows and columns before I have to make a decision.


  1. Spicy's socks look awesome! I've just finished my first sock, using the same pattern! Do you cast on more stitches for a men's sock?

  2. ALL the socks! i gotta get me some of that sock knitting mojo - it takes me about two years per pair. wrist, get better sooooon!



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