Thursday, April 09, 2015

a milestone of sorts

kroy socks

I finished pair #7 for the year. I used patons kroy in bramble stripes, toe-up, 60 sts, #0 32" karbonz, TAAT. This time I knit a true afterthought heel. I've knit afterthought heels before but they didn't fit very well. These socks are surprisingly perfect. I think the difference was knitting 3 plain rounds before starting the decreases. I also snipped the socks for the heel placement rather than using waste yarn and this method seems more effective at omitting holes. I got a little bit of laddering but I think it's because I used 32" circs rather than my usual 40". I've since purchased a pair of 40" karbonz so it shouldn't be a problem anymore.

The only other noteworthy thing I did was on the cuff ribbing. I knit a plain round at the color changes so that the stripes look smooth without those odd-looking purl bumps. I believe this will be my go-to plan for self-striping socks in the future. I used 2 balls and I knit my cuffs an inch shorter than normal b/c i was worried about running out of yarn. I think I would've been fine with an 8" leg, but I would've used all of the yarn. good thing to note since some of my other kroy skeins are meant for Spicy. I might need to buy an additional ball to make sure I have enough yarn for his socks.

As I was entering my project into Ravelry, I realized that I have over 90 sock projects recorded in Rav. This doesn't go back to my earliest pairs that were knit pre-Ravelry. and there's those times that i got lazy and just didn't enter anything for a time. plus sometimes i'd have a gift pair that needed to be mailed so no project page for those either. So I feel pretty confident in saying that by now I've knit over 100 pairs of socks. I've been knitting socks since 2004-ish so maybe it's not all that impressive considering the timeframe but i'm still patting myself on the back.

Hopefully my next 100 pairs will be just as fun as the first 100.

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  1. 100 pairs!? That's unbelievable!! Like, I literally can't believe that one person could make that many in an entire lifetime, let along 10 years! Amazing!



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