Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Socks that are kinda ok

Several years ago I knit a pair of socks from STR Mediumweight but I swore off the yarn forever b/c

  1. I hated the way the yarn pooled
  2. The colors faded significantly after a short time
  3. The socks felted quickly and didn't wear well

I bought a few skeins at Rhinebeck to use for woven scarves, but I decided to give socks another try with a skein of STR lightweight.

Socks that Rock

Pattern: My own with the Fork in the Road heel thrown in
Needles: #0 (2.0mm) 32" addi sock rockets
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight in Marisol's Flue
Started: February 13, Finished: February 18

Socks that Rock

To try to combat some of the issues I faced last time, I knit at a very tight gauge (9st/in) on 64 stitches. I divided the skein into two balls and alternated every two rows. For one sock I knit the yarn sequence in the same direction for both yarn balls (ABCD/ABCD) and for the other I knit the sequence in opposing directions (ABCD/DCBA). The end result was actually quite similar in appearance so I don't think it really matters which way you stripe. Thankfully alternating skeins did break up the pooling so for future STR socks I would definitely use the technique again.

I tried out a new to me afterthought heel. I might use it again but it would need some tweaking. Because I've only recently switched to knitting my socks on size 0s, I'm still getting used to the adjusted row gauge and I'm not quite sure where the correct heel placement is yet. On these socks I knit the foot just a smidge too long. Also STR lightweight is a thicker fingering weight yarn so I probably should've used 60 stitches instead of 64. As a result this pair of socks is slightly oversized in both foot width and length.

These are very thick, dense socks but for winter I like them that way. I don't know yet if fading will still be an issue but I will report back if it is. I'm not going to run out and splurge on a ton of STR now but I'm not super opposed to using the yarn for socks again at this point.

These are my 5th finished pair of 2015.


  1. STR is my absolute favorite! I've never experienced felting or much fading, although I have had holes if my gauge was looser than 8 sts/inch. I always handwash and air dry my socks, though, never machine wash/dry.

  2. You are pretty much a knitting genius ; )



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