Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hello, hello yarn


After being on the waiting list for nearly 2 years, I finally got into the hello yarn fiber club. My first shipment was February 2015, a merino/silk blend where the silk had been pre-dyed black. This fiber is so lovely and soft. I showed it to Spicy and he likes the colors so I think this braid will be spun into yarn for him.

I did finish a spinning project over the weekend but I haven't had time yet to reskein and take pictures. Hopefully I can get it done this next weekend because it was a fun one and I can't wait to share.

destash March 2015

In other news, yarn is literally falling off my shelves so it's time to destash. I have several yarns and a few fibers in my trade/sell page on Rav. All prices include US shipping. Feel free to make me an offer. Contact me via Ravelry PM or send me an email.

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