Thursday, March 05, 2015

carrot over stick

Sock Yarn Blanket

I added another row and column to my sock yarn blanket. I used mostly the scraps that Crystal sent me, but I added in a few of my own. I actually had to put this blanket away for a little while in order to make myself focus on other projects. When I finish a few things, my reward will be to bring it out again.

One sock down #knittersofinstagram #operationsockdrawer

One of those things is this pair of socks that I started the last week of February. These are my color block socks, knit with Fibernymph Dye Works Bounce yarn. When I was trying to choose yarn for my next pair of socks, I grabbed these because they came already wound into 2 center pull balls and by now you should know that sometimes I am just that lazy. I knew that these were dyed in non-repeatable blocks of color but I guess mentally I wasn't prepared for how bold they would look. originally i was planning to knit the second sock with the colors in reverse order but I'm thinking now that's too crazy even for me. I'm hoping to finish these quickly because I need to start my personal sock club March socks pretty soon.


  1. Your blanket is looking good! I like the socks too. Are they ribbed or is the yarn doing something neat between colors?

  2. Your blanket is really coming along quickly! Wow!



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