Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Spinning Update

I have not been spinning at the torrid pace that I was in January. I have managed to spin every day this year, but this month I've cut back to around 15-30 minutes a day. It took forever, but I finally finished my Hello Yarn Finn singles and i'm working on plying it now. I finally got into the Hello Yarn fiber club (YAY!) so this is great timing.

Next spin: rainbowy goodness #spinnersofinstagram #handspinning

This is a bump of Abstract Fiber targhee that I bought at WEBS over the holidays. Suburban Stitcher is having a Rainbow-along this month, and I wanted to spin something bright and happy to combat the winter doldrums.

Pretty! #spinstagram #handspinning

I'm spinning a 2ply and I plan to match the colors as much as possible during plying. I just love targhee. It's definitely one of my favorite fibers to spin.

Right now my goal is to spin slightly more fiber each month than I bring in to the stash. In February I will receive 2 club braids, so I need to finish these 2 spins and add one more to keep up with my goal.

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