Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Socks Galore

I've been on quite the sock kick this month.

Through the Loops Mystery KAL 2015

I finished my TTL Mystery KAL socks. I knit the largest size with my knottygnome dwarf sock, naturally dyed with logwood and brazilwood. I used #0 addi sock rockets and knit both socks simultaneously using magic loop. The only changes I made to the pattern were to knit at a tighter gauge and to carry the twisted rib down the entire toe.

Just to keep it real, I didn't enjoy working on these socks very much. I think I am getting old and set in my ways. I prefer to knit one sock at a time and on this pair I knit both. I also strongly prefer toe-up socks to cuff-down, and I'm aiming more towards plain socks or very simple stitch patterns rather than complex designs. I was relieved when I kitchenered the second toe and could move onto something else. The finished socks are very pretty though.

It's funny how things circle around because early in my knitting days I was drawn to lovely variegated yarns but slowly switched to semi-solids and patterned socks. and now i'm back to multicolored and self-striping again.

Personal Sock Club 2015: February socks

These are my Personal Sock Club February socks. They are knit with a sportweight Zitron Unisono on #1.5 knitters pride wooden circs. I didn't enjoy these either. I just wasn't really into the yarn. It has very long color repeats so I striped them every two rows from the inside and outside of the yarn cake, which is a pain to manage. I think I used 56 stitches, toe up with a rounded toe, FLK heel with integrated heel stitch, 1x1 rib for 1.5".

If I decide to do the personal sock club next year, I might rethink my yarn choices. I wanted to pick some yarns that I'd be super excited to knit and also include skeins that I fell out of love with, just to force me to knit them and get those yarns out of the stash. but after 2 straight months of disappointment, I really hope I pick a fun skein for March.

Heel-less sock #knitstagram #operationsockdrawer #socksthatrock

Because I still had over half the month left and my plan this year is to knit 26 pairs of socks, I cast-on another sock. This is Socks that Rock Lightweight, which I had once sworn off forever, but I'll save that story for when the socks are finished. These are my normal sock except for substituting an afterthought heel, just to mix it up.

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