Thursday, February 12, 2015

just keep knitting

Ready for the last mystery sock clue #operationsockdrawer #knittersofinstagram

I finished Clue 4 of the TTL mystery socks last night. The final clue was released this morning. I will be relieved when these socks are done. There's nothing wrong with the pattern but I really don't care for cuff-down socks and knitting 2 at a time isn't my favorite method. I'd like to knit another pair of socks this month so the sooner these are off the needles, the better.

Progress #knitting #sockyarnblanket

Part of the reason my other projects are feeling like chores is because all I want to work on right now is my sock blanket. I'm already feeling the pinch of not having diverse enough leftovers. I almost caved and bought some mini skeins but it seems a little silly in that the point of this project is to get rid of scraps. I guess I just need to finish more socks so that I'll have more leftovers to choose from.

Easing back into #sewing with a new project bag #cottonandsteel

Over the weekend I stitched up a simple drawstring bag to hold my sock yarn blanket. I've been hoarding my cotton + steel for awhile now and I thought it was time to get it out and use it. Pretty soon my blanket will outgrow this bag and I'll need a bigger one. I have my eye on this basket but I haven't picked fabrics yet.

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