Thursday, February 05, 2015

Adventures in Socks

Soooo glad these socks are done #knittersofinstagram #operationsockdrawer

2nd finished socks of the year: these are opal socks for Spicy. they are knit toe-up with #0 addi sock rockets on 72 sts. i used the fish lips kiss heel but this time I integrated heel stitch to give it some reinforcement. it was a little tricky to figure out but not terrible. i will definitely use this technique in the future, but next time I will continue heel stitch for an inch on the back of the leg after finishing the heel. I also finished with k3,p3, rib for 3 inches. The photo makes the stripes look more pronounced--in real life it was more of a gradient effect and it got pretty boring to knit, honestly. i felt relieved when i bound the second one off.

Ready to start my February socks. Yarn courtesy of the lovely @xxnicke #operationsockdrawer #knitstagram

I pulled a bag for my February personal sock club and discovered this skein of Zitron Unisono inside. I received this skein as a gift from Nicke. I didn't realize until I skeined it up that it's a self-striping yarn and it's sportweight. it'll be nice to have a quick pair of squishy socks to knit for the shortest month. I cast-on last night but I ended up ripping back and starting over. I had first tried #2 needles but the stitches were too loose, so I switched to #1.5 knitters pride wooden circs. The color repeats are extra long (I'm guessing the yarn is intended more for shawls or bigger projects) and I was getting awkward blocks of color, so I decided to alternate 2 row stripes from the inside and outside of the ball, like the noro striped scarf. hopefully i can get through this pair without a big tangled mess. i should've stopped and split the ball in two but I was feeling lazy.

these may end up anklets. i haven't decided yet.


  1. What do you mean by "integrated heel stitch"? I have been thinking about reinforcing a FLK heel, and am curious about the method you used?

  2. Erin, I followed the FLK pattern, but on the knit rows, I used Sl, k1, instead of knit stitches. Once you get a few rows worked, it becomes fairly easy to tell which stitches should be slipped and which should be knit. I would also recommend continuing heel stitch for the one inch she tells you to work plain after you finish the heel. hope that helps.



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