Friday, January 16, 2015

#stylinghandmade 01.16.15

Today's outfit was greatly inspired by Rachel Lately. Her combo of leopard print and the color wine was perfect.

There is absolutely zero chance that I will ever sew a blazer. It just seems way too complicated to get the fit right. I bought a petite blazer from BR and of course the sleeves are too long and the shoulders are a little too linebacker-y but what can you do? it's good enough for government work.

For this outfit I pulled out some pieces deep in the archives. My More Classier dress, which is usually reserved for warmer temps, and my Adele shawl, which I have never actually worn. It's knit from some lovely Juliespins MCN yarn. I'm glad I was reminded that I own this shawl and hopefully I will pull it out and wear it more often.

BTW, in case you've started to notice that I wear the same shoes all the freaking time, well it's because I really like these shoes and they go with almost everything. in another 3 months or so the weather will warm up and I'll eventually start wearing footwear other than boots.

Adele | Pattern
One Button Soft Blazer | Banana Republic
More Classier Dress | Pattern
Belt | Loft
Wool tights |
Cobb Hill Alexandra booties | Zappos


  1. you look lovely once again. and the lipstick is the perfect match!

  2. That outfit is so so cute on you! I'm the same way with seems I wear the same pair of boots all winter!

  3. Ooh! I LOVE this outfit! I never would've thought to pair wine and leopard, but it looks so pretty! That is a majorly chic look. But girl... you can TOTALLY make a blazer. I would just start by figuring out how much you would want to remove from the shoulders and sleeves of this blazer, then measure pattern pieces and adjust so they'll be the right finished length before you start cutting out. Or you could just hem the sleeves to your liking on this one! I never wore blazers before I started sewing because I always felt stupid in them, like I was playing dress-up, but I didn't realize that was because they were always way too big in the shoulders. D'oh!

  4. You look fabulous and I love the outfit and booties.



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