Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Personal Sock Club + Mysteries

I've gotten into watching a few knitting podcasts lately. Apparently it's popular with the podcasting set to do a Personal Sock Club, where you pull 12 skeins of sock yarn from your stash, put each one into a brown paper bag at the end of the previous year, and then the first day of each month, you pull a bag at random and knit a pair of socks with whatever's inside.

As a person who has quite a bit of unused sock yarn in the stash, this sounded like a good plan. I want to knit more socks this year, for both me and Spicy, because a lot of my older pairs have gone to Sock Heaven, and Spicy wears through at least one pair of socks a month it seems. I pulled some skeins that I'm super excited about knitting and also some that I've fallen out of love with, so throughout the year it should be like belonging to a real sock club since there will be occasional disappointment. LOL

January personal sock club

January 1 was one of those disappointing moments. A few years ago I bought a bunch of sock yarn from a mystery destash. Basically I gave someone money and she blindly sent me a bunch of yarn from her stash. Not all of the skeins were to my taste and this was one of them. It's COULROPHOBIA MOONDANCE in Barbie Goth Hoar. I like self-striping yarns but I've learned I really need more than 2 colors b/c it gets boring after awhile without that "what color comes next?!" feeling. I'm also not overly fond of sparkly yarns but for socks they're fine and the sparkle definitely goes with the color scheme.

January personal sock club

I did my normal rounded wedge toe, with an OMG heel and an 8 inch leg with 3 inches of ribbing. I used #0 needles on 64 stitches. This yarn was a little thicker than my last pair, so 64 sts was just right.

Through the Loops Mystery Sock

Eventually I decided that 12 pairs of socks for the year aren't enough. My real goal is to knit 26 pairs, or a pair every two weeks. Last year I had a blast doing the Follow Your Arrow KAL, so I signed up for another mystery pattern, this time the Through the Loops Mystery KAL. For this one I'm using some of my hand-dyed Dwarf Sock in Orchid. I finished the first clue over the weekend and I'm excited to see what's next.

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  1. I love the colors! Your knitting away over there. LOL. I cannot get on it right now, just hibernating I guess.



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