Thursday, September 04, 2014

Spinning in August

August was a productive month for me, handspinning-wise. I joined a couple of fiber clubs and I'm really hoping to keep up each month so that the fiber doesn't pile up in the stash. I've gotten into a habit now of spinning the singles on my majacraft rose and plying on the minispinner. so far it's working out pretty well.

Swamp at Dusk 2ply Heavy Worsted Handspun

This one is Polwarth/silk from helloyarn that's been in the stash for awhile. I spun it as a 2ply worsted weight. I'm calling it Swamp at Dusk.

Oh Yeah! 3ply Finn Handspun

This skein is the first shipment of the Three Waters Farm top of the month club. I love the vibrant colors in this skein. it reminds me of all the flavors of Kool-aid, so I called it Oh Yeah! This skein is a worsted weight chain-ply.

Unicorns and Dolphins

This one is my favorite. It's fatcatknits BFL/silk spun as a fingering weight chain-ply. I divided the braid by color and spun as a gradient so the skein flows in rainbow order from pink to purple. I'm probably dating myself here, but the 80s colors made me think of Lisa Frank, so I called this one Unicorns and Dolphins. This skein would make a gorgeous gradient shawl and I am more than half tempted to keep it for myself.

Right now all 3 skeins are in the shop. Grab 'em up before I change my mind.


  1. I wish I knit or new what to do with yarn. That 'Swamp at Dusk' is too beautiful. Also, I totally get the Lisa Frank reference - and you're right!

    I should say that I've been a reader for awhile, and I'm sorry I never commented before! You're an awesome sewist, knitter, spinner and I've always been impressed!



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