Tuesday, September 02, 2014

proud mama

Spicy and Daisy won the New Leash on Life 5K run this past weekend. See the guy in the red shirt on the right leaving everyone in the dust? That's them.

Daisy crossing the finish line (cue we are the champions) #latergram #dogsofinstagram

Here's Daisy right after crossing the finish line. I had grand plans to get a photo of them crossing, but they were faster than I thought they'd be and I was late. I had to run the last few yards with them b/c I was worried that Daisy would see me and stop running, but it all worked out.

Daisy won a trophy #dogsofinstagram

Two years ago, Daisy was so scared of Spicy that she wouldn't let him walk her. She would glance back at him with a fearful look in her eyes and she was always on high alert whenever he was near. and now this past weekend they won a race together. pardon me if i'm a bit misty-eyed.


  1. It's dusty in here too! It's AWESOME! Congratulations!

  2. I really think she's smiling in that last photo! How lovely!



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