Friday, August 29, 2014

Knitted Gifts

My niece's birthday was in August, so it was time for some more knitted goodies.


This is Pierre. He's knit using a Rebecca Danger pattern (rav) and some of my fatcatknits panda handspun in Mon Ami. The name is what made me decide that he was French. The mustache was my own added flair. Apparently my niece opened the box around naptime and then refused to put Pierre down, so he had to take a nap with her. This made my heart grow three sizes.

Tomboy Cardigan

Less fun but more practical, I knit the Tomboy Cardigan in the 4T size (rav) using some of my naturally dyed worsted yarn. I alternated skeins on the body but the lack of pooling on the sleeves makes me think it wasn't really necessary. I made quite a few changes: the body is one inch longer, the sleeves are 3/4 length and the collar is a simple crew rather than folded, and I added a faux side-seam. This was my first successful attempt at the contiguous construction and i really liked it except that the shoulder seam pulls a little bit strangely (closer view of the shoulder). Hopefully it looks ok when worn.

I only had 2 skeins of yarn and after selling all of my dyeing supplies I had no way to make more, so I held my breath the entire time hoping I wouldn't run out. I had just a tiny bit left at the end so that was a huge relief. Now that fall is coming I'd love to use more of my hand-dyed to make myself a cozy sweater. hopefully i can squeeze it onto the list.

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  1. These are both so cute! What great gifts!



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