Thursday, July 10, 2014

Q3 FAL Goals

Finish Along 2014

I did a poor job during the second quarter of the Finish Along 2014 so the list is going to be very long this time. I'm just going to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks.

WIPs and UFOs

  1. The rows are getting so long #stripestudyshawl #knitting #knitstagram
    Stripe Study Shawl: I started this last weekend on a whim. I have completed 10 CC stripes. now it will be a race against time to see if I can finish it before I get terribly bored.
  2. #havendgs #dogoodstitches quilt top
    do. good stitches bee quilt: I still need to finish my bee quilt this month.
  3. Traditional fabrics for a gift quilt
    Gift Quilt: I've been working on a secret gift quilt from Fabulously Fast Quilts.
  4. Rainbow lace #crossstitch #xstitch
    Rainbow Lace Cross-stitch: Doing a little cross-stitch on a dishtowel. The pattern is in A Rainbow of Stitches and i'm using DMC Water Soluble Canvas.
  5. Top is finished! #artgalleryfabrics
    Desert Flower Medallion: I'm handquilting this one and I know it will take awhile but it is a small quilt.
  6. Postage stamp #quilting
    Leaders/enders quilt: All of the blocks have been made. I was going to make one gigantic postage stamp quilt but after I saw this quilt from s.o.t.a.k handmade i've been aiming for something similar. I think I have enough blocks to do both. I'd like to finish at least one quilt with these blocks.
  7. Scrappy Block Swap R1
    X & + swap quilt: i have all my swap blocks but I still need to finish my own blocks and make it into a quilt.
  8. Not a very productive #15minaday  the darn #spindle kept dropping
    Corriedale Spindle Project: I was spinning for 15 minutes every day but then I got sick of it. Maybe I can pick it back up again.
  9. Wonky Bee Round 3
    wonky bee solids quilt: I didn't touch this one last quarter. I still really want to finish it this year.
  10. Just red and blue left #scraprepublic #quilting
    scrap volume: Ditto for this guy. I'm sick of looking at the quilt that hangs on our bedroom wall. I'd really like to replace it with this one.

New projects

  1. Elf Sock MCN -  Bronze
    Spicy's 3rd quarter socks: I have lots of sock yarn from my dyeing adventures. I just need to pick out a pattern and get going.
  2. 2nd DGS quilt: my turn is up again in August and I think I'm going to combine blocks with another swap I'm in. i haven't started my blocks yet but here's what they look like.
  3. #fatcatknits spinalong Mon am I #spinning #spinnersofinstagram
    Fatcatknits Mon Ami: One of these braids has already been spun, but I'd like to finish the other 2 as well.
  4. Pulling for patchwork #quilting
    I pulled this stack awhile ago and I'd like to make a simple patchwork baby quilt.
  5. Some sweet finds from the craftsy sale
    I got these 2 beautiful shot cotton bundles and I'd love to use them in an improv quilt.

It's summertime and I am not in the mood to blog but I'll check back in periodically.


  1. I did the same thing put everything I wanted to make on the list and hopefully stay motivated to finish. Love your quilts! Can't wait to see your progress - good luck!

  2. So, what are you going to work on this quarter? Ha! Just kidding, looks like you have plenty. I love that your ambitions are about where mine are. I know you will knock a lot of these items out! PLEASE, finish your wonky bee solids quilt so I can steal it. Kthx.



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