Wednesday, June 04, 2014

WIP-it Wednesday: The Long View

spindle spinning

I had Friday off last week, so I spent part of the day at Spicy's farm. I needed something to keep me occupied so I brought along my greensleeves bare bonesie spindle and an old dyakcraft colorways batt from the club i was in several years ago. the batt was once lovely and easy to spin but sitting for many years in a plastic bag has compacted it so drafting is a bit of a struggle.

i don't have good follow-through on spindle spinning. i usually spin a little bit and then get tired of it. I either finish the project on my wheel or just give it up altogether. i'm doing my best to change this pattern by spinning for just 15 minutes per day during the week and doing a little bit more on weekends. i'm documenting my daily progress on instagram but i'm quickly realizing that 15 minutes a day makes for slooow progress and boring pictures. but fingers crossed that in the end i'll be able to spin an entire 4oz batt on my spindles and make an opposing 3 ply sock yarn.

if i ever get to that point, i will definitely be plying on the minispinner. i am not a spindle plyer.

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  1. Beautiful knitting! oh my! I haven't knit a pair of socks in so long!



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