Monday, May 19, 2014

Wee Liesl 2

Last chance to enter the fiber sampler giveaway. Winner will be announced on the blog on Wednesday.

Wee Liesl

I recently visited family in Oklahoma and Arkansas. I knew that we'd be spending time with my niece, so I wanted to bring her a gift. Wee Liesl is such an adorable pattern that works up quickly. I made one already for my new niece and the second one is just as cute as the first.

For this version I used one skein of Wollmeise Twin again and made the 3-4 year size. The color Babe is nice and bright. Nicole's first reaction when she saw it was, "it's missing buttons!" so clearly I can't put anything past her. i'll just have to suck it up for the next cardigan and stop being so lazy with the buttons.

I was a little nervous b/c i know that a sweater is not the most exciting present to a toddler, however her parents had previously warned me that she has too many toys so that was out. fortunately, she got a great deal of fun out of the brown paper gift bag I brought the cardigan in so it wasn't a total loss.

Faun Sock - Coral Reef

I just updated the yarn shop with a bunch of new colors and more will be added soon.

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  1. Don't kid yourself; Nicole is completely enamored with her Aunt Sara and Uncle Spicy (she corrects us if we say his name wrong). Every few days, she talks about how you are coming to visit her again soon. And she is so confident in your creative abilities that she gives Aunt Sara credit for a great many things anymore: We had to take her car seat out of the pickup for a day recently, and she was watching me put it back in. She asked what I was doing, and I told her I was putting her special seat back in so she could ride in it. She responded to the "special" comment by saying, "Aunt Sara made it." I corrected her by saying that no, we'd bought it at the store, when it occurred to me that this was false too. So I corrected myself and said, "Actually, someone bought it at the store, and when they were done with it, they gave it to us to use. Wasn't that nice?" And she said, "Aunt Sara gave it to me!"



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