Friday, May 16, 2014

knottygnome yarns's the last day to get the Key Lime Pi Shawl for $4 with the code keylimeblog. Just sayin'.

I've been dabbling in naturally dyed yarns and fabrics for awhile now. I'm in love with the range and depth of color you can get from natural dyes even though the process is more labor intensive. A single dye can yield so many different shades depending on the strength of the dye solution, the color modifiers and mordants used, and the material being dyed. I took the plunge and opened up a shop for my yarns at

Right now the shop has sock and worsted weight yarns. I am hoping to add DK, sport, and laceweight shortly. For more details on the yarns that I dye, check out my Ravelry yarn page.

Elf Sock MCN - Goldenrod

In addition to the dyeing itself being labor intensive, it also takes a fair amount of time to rinse, dry, reskein, photograph, and list, so although I've been dyeing every day, I only have a few skeins in the shop at the moment but more will be added soon. I've also moved my handspun yarn to the new shop. I just listed a new skein of handspun this week, 2 Smithereens.

Smithereens on Polwarth

I'm very excited about this new endeavor, and I'm looking forward to designing with my new yarns as well.

Faun Worsted - Golden Honey

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