Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday finishes

Scrappy Block Swap R1

I've been plugging away at several different projects this week and I managed to finish 2 things. These are my 24 Scrappy Block Swap X and + blocks. They are entirely composed of scraps and yet somehow my scrap drawers aren't any smaller.

I assembled them differently from the last time I made these blocks. This time I cut all of the scraps before I started sewing and chain-pieced the block components before doing the final layout. So the scrappiness is much more random this time. I questioned this approach while I was stitching the blocks together because there are definitely some ugly combos but when I put them all on my design wall I fell in love. It is definitely overwhelming but I'm thinking of adding a solid border to my quilt so hopefully that will tame it a bit.

Of course, I still have the blocks I'm planning to keep to stitch up (I have the components mostly done and need to assemble the blocks in full) but the swap blocks that I pledged to do for the Finish-along are done.

BFL gradient handspun

I also finished plying my mixed BFL gradient handspun but more on that one later.


  1. Those are some wild scrappy blocks! I love that you were able to approach them so freely! Isn't it funny how scraps seem to multiply even as you use them?

  2. Love that yarn! So pretty.

  3. I may have to do that chain piecing to finish up the last of my blocks! Yours looks great!



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