Friday, April 18, 2014

Equus Quagga

Equus Quagga

It's weird how it works sometimes. These mittens were one of the first things I ever designed, back in 2010. I responded to a call for a book and was thrilled to have my design accepted. then 3 years later, the book finally came out. and now after another year, I am finally able to offer the pattern as a single download.

Equus Quagga

Equus Quagga is knit in a fingering weight yarn and is fully lined, so these aren't the fastest mittens to complete. but once winter comes they will be very toasty and warm, especially if you use a luxury yarn like cashmere or angora for the lining. The sample uses a heavy laceweight MCN yarn and a basic sock yarn from Squoosh and the two layers together are a nice weight without being too bulky.

Equus Quagga

This is one of the more challenging patterns I've written. As I figured out from having to layout the charts for the second time, the zebra pattern is fairly irregular and you'll need to pay attention in order to follow it. Also the hands are mirror images of one another, so there is a separate chart for each hand. Fortunately the palm chart is more intuitive, so you'll get a break on the second half. plus the thumbs and the lining are easy peasy.

The pattern comes in 2 sizes and you will find it in my Ravelry store and on Craftsy.

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  1. These are so cool Sara! Makes me wish I could knit (although I could probably bribe my knitter friend into making them I think!)



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