Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bee Blocks

I got my sewing machine back from the repair shop but I was so sick that I didn't touch it for a week. When I finally did sit down to sew my do. good stitches blocks for March, the annoying screeching sound came back after about 30 minutes. so these blocks weren't the most pleasant ones to complete, through no fault of their own.

March DGS blocks

Jenny from downtosew asked for these honeycomb blocks in spring colors. it might have been illness, being out of practice, or just lacking springy shades in my stash but I had a hard time picking out fabrics. When I think of spring, I think of florals, and I don't have very many florals in my stash because generally I don't like them. I cheated and stole a peek at some of the other blocks that the group had made. Briar Rose was a popular choice so I went with it too, along with a DS quilts print, some waterfront park, a Lizzy House, some Flea Market Fancy, and a yellow print that I can't identify. For the background I used a white-on-white metro tile print and I think it adds some nice texture.

The piecing doesn't match up perfectly but my nerves were pretty raw after having to listen to that high-pitched humming sound for over an hour and I decided it was good enough in order to save my sanity. Now i have to bring my machine back to the repair shop and get them to actually fix it this time.

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