Monday, February 03, 2014


Organizing my scraps

I have slowly been trying to organize my sewing space. my scrap drawer got completely out of control and i could barely close it anymore. so i bought one of those cheapo closetmaid shelving units and a bunch of sterilite drawers to hold my larger scraps. i also separated strings from tiny snippets and stored them by color in ziploc bags. The red and blue baskets hold my strings, selvages, and pieced scraps/failed blocks that could be used for made fabric. now i just have to get my notions in order and the sewing room will be respectable.

to help me cut down on my out-of-control scrap situation, i started a new flickr swap group here: it's very similar to the now defunct swapbuster scrap group. it's a quarterly swap, international participants are welcome, you can join anytime and you choose how many blocks to send. if you're interested, please join us!

Hey look what's back #quilty

Lastly, I have been putting off bringing this up forever, but my design was published in Quilty magazine! Mine is the Crosswalk quilt. If you're intrigued--it's a pretty easy quilt to make (if somewhat large). The blocks are set on point. The Quilty people were super nice to work with and they did a beautiful job with photography. i'm super pumped and thrilled to already have my quilt back home with me. I am less pumped that when I washed it, the blue variegated aurifil thread that I used bled all over the yellow back of the quilt. so that is why I don't have any of my own photos (decent ones anyway) and i'm still trying to figure out what I should do with the quilt. i washed it a couple of times, used several color catchers, and washed once with synthrapol. i don't think the excess dye is coming out. boo-urns.

oh yeah one last thing...i am terrible at taking selfies so i usually don't but look, ma, i got a haircut. on new year's eve. it's probably already started growing out on me.


  1. and you have been putting off bringing it up why? Sucks about the thread though... never thought about it being a culprit

  2. Great pattern--this is now on my ever-growing to-quilt list. Congratulations! Sorry about the thread bleeding on the back. I guess I would take off the binding, put some flannel on the back, and put the binding back on. Extra heavy and warm. Or: if it were going on my bed, I would do nothing :)



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