Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Shawl Week: Color Affection

I started this shawl in April 2012 and finished it sometime in 2013 (summerish, perhaps?). Then it sat until I picked it up last weekend and took care of the yarn ends. so my memory on this one is a little hazy.

Color Affection

I knit this on #4 circs and used my bfl/silk gradient handspun and a skein of malabrigo lace in Blue Surf. I started with the light end for color 1 and used the dark end for color 3. i had quite a bit of yarn leftover so i never did get to the medium purple in the middle.

Color Affection

I blocked this shawl lightly so it's very wide and shallow. it's a bit on the awkward side actually. it was difficult to wrap it on my dress form in an elegant way.

Color Affection

Because it's been so long since i finished it, here are the few things i remember about the pattern:

  1. i got bored. all that garter stitch. i claim temporary insanity.
  2. i lost the directions at some point and kept on doing the short-rows for far longer than i was supposed to before starting the edging. i don't think this was a bad thing b/c it added depth to the shawl but i sure would've liked to have saved myself the time spent on those extra rows.
  3. the upper edge where the color changes is quite tight. it makes the shawl kind of ruffly.
  4. I think i officially blocked it from my memory but just looking at how long that edging bind-off is makes me want to cry.

it's a safe bet that i won't be making this one again.

1 comment:

  1. It's beautiful, even if knitting it was boring. I love the colors! And yay for finally weaving in those ends and blocking!



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