Friday, February 07, 2014

In it to spin it

My crafting tends to go in cycles. I will do a lot of one thing and then I'll abruptly switch and want to do a lot of another. I finally found the motivation to finish up my malabrigo nube and afterwards I stayed in spinning mode.

Lately I've been reading a lot about blending boards. Blending boards are for making fun textured rolags. They're a little on the expensive side, especially when i already own hand cards and a drum carder. I found a video via Ravelry on making rolags from your drum carder, so i decided to give it a try.

Rolags from my drum carder #igspinners #spinning #rolag

I started with a base of 50/50 merino/bombyx silk and added in a ton of other fibers: sari silk, tussah silk, silk noil, bamboo, suri alpaca, angelina sparkle, various locks, english angora, and probably some other stuff that i'm forgetting. i ran them through the carder one time and then used a pair of chopsticks to make the rolags. there is definitely some skill involved in getting the fiber off the carder. i poked my fingers a few times and my first rolags were so tightly rolled that they were hard to draft. but after awhile i got the hang of it. Here's one bobbin of singles though i have already plied the yarn. hopefully i'll have the malabrigo and this skein to show on Monday.

The control freak in me is having a hard time letting the yarn be textured #igspinners #spinning #minispinner 3.8 oz superwash merino/cashmere

next up i wanted to work with some smooth batts, so i carded 3.8oz of 75% superwash merino and 25% cashmere. I carded the fibers 3 times and static was a real problem. little bits of cashmere fluff are still everywhere. i think i'm going to spin this as a cabled 4-ply sock yarn. i hope that the yarn will retain some of that soft halo.


  1. I hear you - I quilt and scrapbook, but can't seem to do both at once... It's big chunks of one, then big chunks of the other!

  2. Those rolags are beautiful! I am looking forward to seeing what the finished yarn is like. I am also insanely curious about your process for spinning up that cashmere. I am still learning about spinning non-wool fibres and blends, and would love to see how you go about turning that fluff into yarn.



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