Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February Stashdown Check-in

Is it that time again already? Follow along with Jess at the Elven Garden if you want to track everybody's progress.

Love and Liquor

I bought a lot of stuff this month. I got a few craftsy classes b/c there was a groupon deal. I picked up cross-stitch supplies and some soft and stable (but these were allowed since they are for gifts/swaps). I did buy a few things that are technically against the rules I originally set for myself (or at least in a gray area): i bought some tools like blocking mats, marking pencils, camera remote, and quilting gloves to replace the other crappy ones i was using and i purchased a brooklyn tweed pattern on sale that i have no intention of making immediately b/c i don't have the appropriate yarn. (though small victory for not going out and immediately buying said yarn?)

and now i have a potentially large purchase in my near future b/c my sewing machine is making a god-awful squeaking sound that is driving me insane. i have oiled everything that i can think to oil but the noise won't stop. i think i may need to take my machine in to be serviced, which is no fun.

Here's a list of finished projects since my last check-in, with (*) next to items that were on my original Stashdown list:

Here's my current list of WIPs that I worked on since the last check-in, with (*) next to items that were on my original Stashdown list:

Also, my UFOs. * puts it on my original Stashdown list.

My remaining Stashdown goals that I haven't gotten to:

  1. Albion coat for Spicy
  2. Mail sack bag
  3. I Heart Cardigans
  4. spin a sweater quantity of pin-drafted cormo cross
  5. HST quilt with my chicopee bundle
  6. Heather Ross economy block baby quilt
  7. Complete 2 do. good stitches quilts--one twin, one lap
  8. Try needle-turn applique
  9. Knit a pair of socks for Spicy every quarter (Q1 finished, 3 more quarters to go)

it's been a productive month, though it doesn't really feel like it. I seem to be great at making plans and also great at finding detours to wander into.

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