Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WIP-it Wednesday #4

I'm more than ready for these days of 0 degrees to be over.

#winterwoods #xstitch

Winterwoods: after taking last week off, i stitched a couple more motifs. i'm down to the bottom rows now.

#knitting love and liquor

Love and liquor: i've knit most of one sock and then it'll be time to start the second.

My gut told me to do B so I went with A to mix it up #followyourarrowkal

Follow Your Arrow: for the first two clues i was good and avoided spoilers. this time i couldn't decide which clue to choose so i peeked and it made me even more indecisive. Finally I went with 3A--partly because my gut told me to choose B and I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, and partly b/c the Ravelry poll shows that A is far less popular and I am nothing if not a contrarian.

Cathy's campfire #6insamplerBack in the game #6insampler

6 inch sampler: I only stitched 2 blocks this week. still feeling the fatigue. i'm not thrilled with the lack of precision on the first one. i might end up scrapping it if i can stand to replace it with something else. note to self: use your fons and porter ruler for flying geese. way more accurate.

One more #havendgs block

do. good stitches: I made one more block for Emilee. a little birdhouse in your soul.

Postage stamp quilt

leaders/enders postage stamp: the box is filling up! I can't wait to start putting the blocks together.

Got out some abandoned quilt blocks & mined them for spare parts. Tada-instant quilt top

Herringbone: I never blogged this project and i can't even remember when i started it (maybe 2 years ago?). i tried to do a herringbone quilt (dunno which tutorial i used but there's lots out there) with mostly Denyse Schmidt prints. i only got through 5 blocks before i gave up because I was just not enjoying the process. it got put away in my Trunk of Secrets (where UFOs go to die). I picked up 15 minutes of play, Sunday Morning Quilts, and Scrap Republic from the Kindle Store for scrap inspiration. At least one of the books talked about getting out your old projects and looking at them in a new way. I knew that I was never going to finish the herringbone quilt as originally planned so i quickly sewed 4 of the blocks together and surrounded them with a sea of one of my favorite DS prints from her Sugar Creek line. and yay--instant baby quilt top! now i'm excited to get it quilted and off the UFO list.

Playing with scraps

and lastly, another new project. It's been a long-time want to do a rainbow gradient quilt from scraps. The Volume quilt from Scrap Republic is perfect. Instead of doing stacked coins, I am piecing together all of my tiny scraps slab style and then cutting strips. I started with purple because I figured the smallest pile would be the easiest to tackle. I've actually mostly run out of teensy pieces and i still need 5 more blocks, so i'll have to get creative with some larger scraps and strings to finish this section. I don't anticipate having the same problem with any other color. I am apparently just really not a purple person.

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  1. Love all the projects. How on earth do you choose which one?!

  2. Lots of LOVES in this post!! lol

    *the birdhouse block is sooo cute!
    * Winterwoods is ahhhhdorabley sweet:):)
    *Herringbone oh my---I think that purple floral does the trick for me!

  3. WOW -- so many great projects - I too quilt. knit and cross stitch so I love everything you've shown. I need to go through some of my UFos and give them another look. Great inspiration.

  4. Love the purple blocks so far! Good job putting those old herringbones to good use--I'm sure they will make a baby somewhere very happy!

  5. Love the herringbone repurpose!

  6. I really like the herringbone and the new purple project!! Great projects.

  7. Your quilting is beautiful. I cannot figure out how you can keep up with them.



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