Wednesday, January 08, 2014

WIP-it Wednesday #1

my first progress post of the new year. lots to talk about.


I won a free skein of malabrigo with my eatsleepknit Black Friday order. i chose a braid of the new malabrigo nube. I've been spinning the singles on the minispinner. at first i wasn't putting in enough twist and my singles would fall apart but i'm getting used to it now.

#winterwoods progress #wipitwed

I've been steadily working on my winterwoods sampler. i took a brief hiatus to do some cross-stitch for a friend of mine but now i'm back on track. my vision is not what it once was--i have some trouble seeing the holes in 28-ct linen at times. i think after this i will stick strictly to 14-ct aida.

Still plugging away at spicy's sweater #ez #wipitwed #knitting

I'm still knitting Spicy's seamless hybrid. i finally joined the sleeves to the body. i always forget how long it takes to knit the yoke of a bottom-up sweater. after the joining point you think it's almost over, but those extra long rows take awhile to complete.

#wipitwed leaders/enders postage stamp

my leaders/enders postage stamp is getting a lot of attention thanks to my new project, the 6-inch sampler. it really is surprising how quickly it goes when working on another project in tandem. i'm almost finished sewing my pairs into 4s, then it'll be time to start putting the 16-patch blocks together.

Today's #6insampler progress

and finally, my newest work. over the holiday i dug out my overflowing scrap buckets and organized. after putting things away my scrap drawer barely closes, so it was time to start a major scrappy project. i've been wanting to experiment with smaller blocks so i took out my trusty copy of 501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks and my bolt of PFD Pure Organic cotton, and started making 6 inch blocks for a sampler. i love working with pure organic. it has a crispness to it even after prewashing that makes it easy to cut and piece.

The problem is that sampler quilts like the farmer's wife or dear jane kind of make me want to vomit, and i mean that in a visceral way. there's just something about how busy they look that i actively hate. so for my sampler, i'm sticking to one color blocks with lots of white space. i'm not 100% decided on the layout yet but i'm going to do all that i can to keep it from being too overwhelming. right now my goal is 45 blocks. i made several over the weekend but now that i'm back at work my goal is one block a day.

we'll see how far i get with this project before i get tired of it. right now i'm still having fun.

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  1. I love hearing you don't like sampler quilts. No, not sarcasm. :D Sometimes I feel so pressured to like one quilting fad or another, and its nice to hear a dissenting opinion. That being said, I love sampler quilts :-D

    And you always make me want to drag out my spinning wheel....

  2. I love your cross stitch sampler! I think I will put that one on my list after I finish my current CS project.
    I agree, some of the Farmer's Wife quilts are way too busy! And I don't care for the blocks set on point. But I've seen several versions that I love where the blocks are alternated with plain white (checkerboard style) instead of the sashing.

  3. I'm working on the Winterwoods sampler too! Well, WAS working on it...about a year ago. It's in my sewing room and I look at it every day and think "I should finish that!" because it will really take no time at all compared to some monster cross stitch patterns out there...and then I don't. Yours is looking beautiful! I'm jealous!

    AND, sigh, sampler quilts. I too struggle with them. I love them because they're like an album...different block patterns and fabrics all in one quilt. And yet I hate making them because I hate how they look when finished! I've started and quit the Dear Jane 4 times. I think I might make a sampler one day but I'd have to pick the would mean more to me that way than just recreating someone else's quilt exactly. And I love your idea of doing it in all one color. Can't wait to see your blocks!

  4. Oh, color for EACH block...that's nice too! It will keep it from being so busy and you can really focus on each block individually. They are really very cute, especially since they're so small. The green block has inspired me to get back to work on my 4-patch quilt idea that I've been putting off.



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