Friday, January 24, 2014

Stashdown Check-in

Reorganizing again

It's time for the monthly check-in with my Stashdown pledge. Jess at the Elven Garden has a link-up if you want to track everybody's progress.

For purchases this month, i picked up a couple of sort-of crafty supplies like masking tape for basting and spray bottles for making my own starch. i bought a class on sale at Craftsy but i don't think that new knowledge goes against my pledge. I did get a shipment of catnap and botanics in the mail, but I had preordered it last year so it doesn't count.

As far as temptation goes, i only felt the urge to buy once. WEBS is having an anniversary sale and they have one of their yarns dyed by madelinetosh in limited edition quantities. it's always the limited time only things that suck you in. i didn't buy though the Tart was calling my name. in fact, everybody should rush over there and buy it all so i won't be able to. The only other thing I am sad about is missing out on Hello Petal kitties. They have names! sigh.

Reorganizing again

I reorganized my fabric stash again. this time i put all of my quilting fabric together in rainbow order. I like having the yardage mixed in with fat quarters. before i was always too lazy to go through both stacks so i would use either one or the other. this way it's all in one group so when i do a fabric pull the colors/prints are my only concern, not the size of the cuts. i tried very hard to fit all of it in one place but i wasn't able to make it a reality. it's given me a new goal. use enough fabric that it will all fit in the allotted space without spilling over. i also need a new system for organizing my scraps but i'm still thinking about that one.

Here's a list of projects I finished in January, with (*) next to items that were on my original Stashdown list:

Here's my current list of WIPs that I worked on in January, with (*) next to items that were on my original Stashdown list:

Also, my UFOs.

My remaining Stashdown goals that I haven't gotten to:

  1. Albion coat for Spicy
  2. Mail sack bag
  3. Pole
  4. I Heart Cardigans
  5. spin a sweater quantity of pin-drafted cormo cross
  6. HST quilt with my chicopee bundle
  7. Heather Ross economy block baby quilt
  8. Finish the medallion quilt and publish the pattern
  9. Finish hand-quilted QAYG sampler
  10. Finish my Wonky Bee Round 3 solids quilt
  11. Complete 2 do. good stitches quilts--one twin, one lap
  12. Try needle-turn applique
  13. Knit a pair of socks for Spicy every quarter (3 more quarters to go)

I haven't accomplished much, but it's still early.


  1. I am in love with your stash! The colours, the breadth, the oppourtunities just waiting on those shelves! Bliss!

  2. Your stash is lovely! Fabric pictures are always my favorite blog posts. :)

  3. Nice! It's great to get organized in the new year. It's funny how differently we sort through our stashes. I wonder if color sorting would work for me, I've never tried it before. It definitely helps to have a finite amount of space to hold it's always been my policy that once my shelf is filled up, then that's it! Well, it's great in theory, right? LOL!

  4. Your stash is beautiful. Love the way you organized it.

  5. I love good color-coded organization system. Your stash is beautiful!

  6. Your stash looks so beautiful that way! I need to color coordinate!

  7. I love your stash! I have all my yardage sorted by colour too, it works well I think :)

  8. Oooh, pretty stash organisation!! I'm definitely on board with the "stash only as big as the space" philosophy.



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