Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Q1 FAL Goals

Finish Along 2014

I've decided to participate in the Finish Along 2014 for the first time this year. The quarterly goals seem like a great way to keep things organized without being too overwhelming. So here are my goals for the first quarter, starting with UFOs and WIPs:

  1. Day 28: Simplicity
    Granny squares quilt: I started this quilt in early 2012. I made 30 blocks and decided to do QAYG. i did wobbly diagonal straight line quilting on over half of the blocks and realized that i hated it. it's gathered dust ever since. i recently took the Craftsy class, FMQ a sampler and since i already have these QAYG blocks ready to go, i'm ripping out my yucky quilting in order to practice FMQ on smaller sandwiches. it takes me awhile to rip out the quilting and rebaste so i don't know if it's realistic to think i can finish during the quarter, but i'm going to try.
  2. Yay
    Kaleidoscope: needs backing and then quilting.
  3. Today's #6insampler progress
    6insampler: it's doubtful i can finish this in Q1 because i'm doing a queen size. it's going to take me about 30 days just to make half of the blocks. but we all need things to aspire to.
  4. Spinning
    malabrigo handspun: i hesitate to even put this on the list b/c in theory i should have it done next week, but i have been known to put aside my spinning and not pick it up for months, and right now i'm not on a spinning kick. so on the list it goes.
  5. #winterwoods progress #wipitwed
    winterwoods cross stitch: the trick with this one is that I need to not only finish the stitching, but get it mounted as well. should be doable.
  6. Perhaps a bit unrealistic to think I could finish clue 1 before dinner #followyourarrowkal
    Follow Your Arrow KAL: i'm a fast knitter and i think i can keep up with all of the clues.

and the new projects:

  1. Haven't even taped @colettepatterns #Albion together yet
    Spicy's Albion coat: i'm worried b/c i might be overcommitting. but i did promise Spicy i'd sew him a coat, the colette sewalong is starting very soon, and i bought all of the rather expensive supplies. so i should really do it.
  2. 4ply CVM
    Spicy's first quarter socks: i've pledged to knit 4 pairs for Spicy this year. i might go with heavier boot socks b/c it's winter and they'll knit up for quickly--maybe the Chevalier socks?
  3. Ready to ply
    handspun slippers: i found a pair of slipper soles on clearance at michaels right at the end of 2013. these mukluks look really cute in handspun and i happen to have the perfect skein already on hand. i'd like to finish these while it's still winter. my feet are cold.
  4. It's possible I went overboard on yarn
    Pole: looking iffy that i'll get to this one but i'd really like to. i could use a cozy wrap cardi for the office.
  5. New pillow
    Heather Ross economy block quilt: i did the practice pillow, now it's time to make the baby quilt. i bought a lot of munki munki scraps. i'd like to use them rather than hoard them forever.

So there's my list! it'll be fun and interesting to see how many of these I will actually finish.


  1. OMGosh, do you spin that thread yourself?! I'm impressed! I can quilt but don't know how to knit so sit woefully by waiting for a friend to do it for me. :-) Those are all beautiful projects. Can't wait to see how you finish them!


  2. These are such great projects! I hope you don't put too much pressure on yourself, but you do make them because they're all so cool!

  3. What a wonderful range of crafts! Your economy block cushion is lovely, so a bigger quilt should be fab!

  4. I love the kaleidoscope! Sounds like you've got some lofty goals for this quarter.

  5. Love the variation of projects here, good luck :o)

  6. Um, I thought I was ambitious. ;) I bet we will see lots of these projects get finished in the next few months. That Kaleidoscope quilt is gorgeous! And those slippers will be awesome.

  7. Wow, I love that kaleidoscope, among your other pretty projects. Good luck finishing!



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