Monday, January 06, 2014

Pillows and more pillows

I hope that everyone had a good holiday. I decided over break that the pillows in my house could use a refresh. all of the pillows have envelope backs. i've come around to thinking the simplest method is the best.

I had a bunch of fussy cut 2" squares that I was saving for a polaroid quilt. I decided that I wasn't going to use them for awhile so I repurposed them in this economy block pillow. I used this paper piecing template in the 4" size and I prefer it over some others because it marks the seam allowance of the center square, making it easy to position. I'm not paper-piecing's biggest fan but I did like the accuracy of the templates. I would use the method again for these blocks.

Next, I made 2 20" couch pillows with my clashy bright bundle that I won over the summer. I've been keeping the fabrics together waiting to use them in a project. i like the HSTs but i went with a random layout and only now do i know how hard it is to make "random" look good. i rearranged the blocks so many times before I sewed them together. for this project I used my 4" bloc-loc square up ruler for the first time. i like the ruler except that i managed to chip it already.

Lastly we still needed some new bedroom pillows. I had these embroidered pieces from ages ago (2011, yikes!) that i've had tucked away. i got them out and made them into courthouse step blocks.

now my house is a little prettier. i think i'm done with pillows for awhile though.


  1. These are really cute! I've been thinking that we need a couple of cute pillows, although I'll need to think of a way to keep the dogs from claiming them when I'm not around! Love these!

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  3. Great pillows Sara! I especially love your economy block one, the earthy tones are just perfect.



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