Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Stashdown 2014

I am once again running out of storage space. i have enough fabric, yarn, fiber, and future projects lined up to keep me occupied for quite awhile. Since the goals of Fabriholics Anonymous mostly line up with mine, I'm joining in, though my curbed purchases will include yarn and fiber as well. So i'm making a pledge: No stash purchases from January 1 to July 1, 2014*

*Some exceptions apply:

  1. Supplies for designing patterns or custom orders only if stash isn’t suitable
  2. Supplies for bees, swaps, or gifts only if stash isn’t suitable
  3. Tools/supplies only if something breaks or I completely run out
  4. Patterns to make immediate project from stash if stash patterns aren’t suitable (no buying patterns for theoretical future projects)
  5. If my number comes up, I can join the Hello Yarn fiber club. You don't get on a waiting list that is 2 years long just to let some silly stashdown get in the way of joining

I don’t want to use stash just to have piles of WIPs waiting for one final supply. I don’t believe in half finished tops set aside b/c I lost a ruler, cardigans just waiting for buttons, or unfinished bags b/c i ran out of interfacing or a zipper. The spirit is to use stash, finish things, and get them out of my house whether it’s by listing them in the shop, making gifts, or donating to charity. or, you know, keeping them to use in my house. what a novel idea.

So, without further adieu, here's my project list for 2014 (in no particular order). I already have all or most of the supplies for these:

  1. Albion coat for Spicy
  2. Mail sack bag
  3. EZ Seamless Hybrid for Spicy
  4. Pole
  5. I Heart Cardigans
  6. Roebling
  7. spin a sweater quantity of pin-drafted cormo cross
  8. HST quilt with my chicopee bundle
  9. Heather Ross economy block baby quilt
  10. Finish the medallion quilt and publish the pattern
  11. weelittlestitches X-stitch for friend
  12. Winterwoods sampler
  13. Finish hand-quilted QAYG sampler
  14. Finish my Wonky Bee Round 3 solids quilt
  15. Complete 2 do. good stitches quilts--one twin, one lap
  16. Try needle-turn applique
  17. Finish orchid thief shawl
  18. Knit a pair of socks for Spicy every quarter

I know that I won't finish everything and that lots of new, previously unheard of projects will pop up. i might even backslide and buy a few things, though i'll try my best not to. i plan to check in once a month with my progress. any more than that might get boring. i can almost guarantee that after 6 months the stash won't be starved. but hopefully it'll lose a few pounds.



  1. I've just officially joined too, and I'm rather excited! Hopefully I can maintain this excitement, haha!

  2. I made my own modifications in the "spirit" of the fast, too. =) and I'm certain I have so much to work on that i'll not notice the 6 months of not purchasing at all.

  3. I love your term Stashdown - that is my goal for 2014 too, along with lots of finished. Good luck with your projects!

  4. Excellent plan! I love the look of that Albion jacket! And my fingers are crossed for your Hello Yarn luck

  5. I have signed up for this too. I'm hoping for more finished projects and more money in the bank account. Good luck with your projects!



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