Friday, December 13, 2013

Giving Thanks

I originally signed up for do. good stitches as a stitcher. Rachel contacted me and asked if I'd like to be a quilter instead and I readily agreed. Then after a little more back and forth, I found myself the host of the Haven circle.

Haven donates quilts to Alternatives for Battered Women in Rochester, NY. It has meant so much to me to do even a tiny bit to help women and children in a terrible situation. Courtney's lovely sentiments really sum it up for me. I am so thankful that Rachel has allowed me to take part in this group, and I wanted to write a post thanking all of our members and showcasing the amazing work they've done this year.

do. good stitches HAVEN quilt
February: Quilted by me

Haven-do. Good Stitches March Quilt
March: Devised by Elaine (Dashasel), Quilted by Jenny (Downtosew)

April do.Good Stitches quilt
April: Quilted by Emily (emilysposetta)

do. good stitches
May: Quilted by me

Bee quilt 1
June: Quilted by Jennie (Goin' Dixie)

do.Good stitches August HAVEN circle
July: Quilted by Emilee (emileemasson)

September's DGS Haven group quilt
September: Quilted by Jenny (Downtosew)

Haven October blocks
October: Devised by Joey (CosbyGryffin)

Arkansas Traveler Blocks
November: Devised by Jennie (Goin' Dixie), photo by Kelli (The_Hohnstreiter_Ohana)

Haven do. Good stitches December
December: Devised by Jenny (Downtosew), photo by Melissa (cyclingjanes)

I'd also like to thank all of our stitchers, past and present: Courtney (courtiepie), Kelli (The_Hohnstreiter_Ohana), Melissa (cyclingjanes), Nell (nell_quilts), Nicole (AdventuresinFabricland), Shauna (scrappinsassy), and Tricia (Fresh Raspberry Quilts). I am so grateful to all members of our circle for the beautiful work you do and I'm looking forward to continuing in 2014! Please stop by the link-up to see more do. good stitches quilts.


  1. Thank you, Sara, for taking the reins and heading up our group! You do an awesome job as a leader and keeping things in order. Also, thanks to all you other Havenites. I am privileged to be apart of this circle & this effort. Your talent inspires me and each month's block challenges me to becoming a better stitcher. I look forward to the quilts we will create in 2014 together and pray that the love we all put into each stitch will ultimately bring hope and joy to its recipient. Thank you again, YA'LL!

  2. All of these look so wonderful . What a blessing to others. I love being part of the Heal circle

  3. These quilts are all so pretty! I'm so happy to be a part of the Haven Circle and am looking forward to the quilts 2014 will bring!



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