Wednesday, November 20, 2013

WIP-it Wednesday

I just realized that voting is open for the cover of the Jan issue of Quilty. May I highly suggest voting for the quilt on the left? (hint, hint) Sorry, it's not embedding properly, click the first link to vote

Bee blocks #havendgs

I finished my do. good stitches blocks for the month. These are Arkansas traveler blocks.

Working on a new knit design

after a very long hiatus, i'm working on a new self-published knit design. i'm hoping to finish the sample relatively soon.

#fatcatknitsCome together carded #fatcatknitsBobbin shot #fatcatknits

I took my braid of Come Together in falkland from fatcatknits and divided it by color. then i carded each color on my strauch finest twice. now i'm tearing off small strips at random and spinning fine singles for a chain-plied sock yarn. the finished yarn should be bright and stripey.

Doing an #orchidthiefkal w/ @jaceynotjc & i'm already behind. Camel/silk handspun or alpaca lace?

finally, Jacey and i have been planning an Orchid Thief KAL for awhile. i'm having trouble finding suitable yarn in my stash that isn't earmarked for other projects. i was thinking of using either this 3ply camel/silk handspun or cascade alpaca lace. although now that i think about it, i could use wollmeise twin in yellow. Which one should I pick?

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced



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