Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WIP-it Wednesday

Do good stitches diamonds #havendgs

I got as far as cutting out the diamonds and printing templates for this month's do good stitches block. we're doing the arkansas traveler in red and white. very festive.

i got tired of looking at my nearly finished scrappy trips blocks so i took the plunge and put the top together over the weekend. i do not enjoy this method of piecing. i found it so tedious that i kind of hate the quilt. but i tend to hate all of my quilts at this stage.

i now have 3 completed tops waiting to be quilted, which is fairly unusual for me. generally if i can get a top done, the FO isn't far behind. i've ordered some backing fabric and i'm hoping to have a marathon session reasonably soon, maybe around thanksgiving. i'd like to finish those 3 quilts by the end of the year.

This is how much yarn I had left after seaming acer

Acer is done except for blocking and the buttons. this is how much yarn was left after seaming. it got kind of iffy there at the end.

I hate plying on a spindle. I think I'm gonna give up

i've learned that i absolutely hate plying on a spindle. the winding on hurts my hands and i can't get it to hold that much yarn before the spindle is full. i've tried to follow through on a completely spindle spun yarn but i think i'm going to cut my losses and finish plying on my wheel. i really want to start a new project and this is just taking too long.


  1. It would be lovely to finish those three quilts by Christmas and well you may. Once you have the backing the motivation may come quickly.

  2. Oh, as I am piecing tonight a top I started a year ago I completely agree! Playing with pretty fabrics is much more fun, somehow putting the blocks together is a chore. But I've already got the backing and batting, so I want to push through and finish so I have room for more fabric :)



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