Wednesday, November 06, 2013

WIP-it Wednesday: All yarn, all the time

My post craft-show hangover left me wanting to work on whatever i felt like. and i felt like doing yarn-y things.

Selfish weaving #wollmeise

I'm weaving a Fauxberry scarf (instructions and lots of other eye-candy on Rav). I've wanted to make one of these since before i started weaving. i used wollmeise 100% and twin mostly with malabrigo sock for the white. I just have one more sequence to go. i hope i finish it soon--it's getting cold and i need a new scarf.

Ready to ply #fatcatknits

I've also been making steady progress on my spindle-spun yarn. I wound a double stranded plying ball last night and i'll be ready to start plying tonight. I've never attempted plying on a spindle before, so it should be interesting.

and finally, i forgot to take a picture but i've picked up my acer cardigan again. when i left it, i only had another inch or so to knit on the body. this week i've been able to completely finish the body and knit one sleeve, so presuming that i don't get sick of it again i should have a finished cardigan soon.


  1. Wow! Weaving looks so cool! Can't wait to see the finished scarf!

  2. You always have great projects and it's so fun to see some weaving!! That scarf is beautiful.



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