Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Topic Tuesdays: Designer Interview with Sarah Jordan

Today I'm doing something a little different. Sarah and I are exchanging blog interviews. We are both participating in the Indie Design Gift-a-Long on Ravelry and we share a love of both spinning and designing. Learn more about Sarah and then go check out her blog to learn a little more about me!

Why did you start designing?

I suspect my reasons are very similar to many other designers': I had an image in my mind of something I wanted to knit, but I couldn't find an existing pattern that matched the image, so I felt the need to create it myself. That same kind of situation has led to a number of designs. For instance, Ellyce came about because I was looking for a cozy, all-stockinette sweater with pleats or flares in the back. I searched all over the pattern Ravelry database, but nothing was quite what I was looking for, so I figured it was best to design it myself.

I love that you are a spinner and knitter. Have you ever designed with your handspun yarn in mind?

I originally designed Pryce for fractally spun handspun; the welts were intended to add some interesting interplay with the tendency of fractally spun yarns to self-stripe. I submitted the original design to KnittySpin, but when it was rejected, I reworked the pattern for commercial yarn.

I find designing with handspun to be a bit tricky because it doesn't always fall neatly into the traditional yarn weight categories, but I do have a lot of handspun in my stash, so I'm hoping to use it more for designs in the new year.

You have a nice variety of designs available, many that would be wonderful gifts. Have any of your patterns specifically been conceived as gifts?

The Gothic Leaves Baby Blanket was originally designed as a gift for some friends when they were expecting their first baby. They're actually now expecting their second, so I suppose I have to up my game this time around!

What is your favorite pattern you’ve designed to date?

It's probably still my first, which is the one that got me designing in the first place: Three Wishes. It was a long process to publish it, not just because it was my first pattern; it went through several iterations before it looked like I wanted it to, and I knit several single mittens before I got to the final pair. I love that pair so much that I've been afraid to wear them because I don't want them to get faded or pilly or, even worse, wear out. Eventually, I'm hoping to knit another pair that will actually get used, probably in handspun.

What’s in the designing pipeline for you?

More ideas that I have time to deal with! I have two patterns that should be coming out in publications next year and quite a few that I'm planning to self-publish. At the top of the self-publishing list is an e-book of relatively simple top-down triangular shawls that are meant to use texture to show off gorgeous hand-dyed yarns. And there is more colorwork coming -- it's an addiction I just can't kick!

Ooh, I can't wait to see your upcoming designs--that e-book sounds intriguing! Thanks so much to Sarah for stopping by. Check out all of her beautiful designs on Ravelry and don't forget to visit her blog for my interview with her.

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