Friday, November 08, 2013

Soothing Stripes

When I was traveling to my grandmother's funeral I knew that I would need something to occupy my hands on the plane. I wanted a project that would require very little thought. I chose the Sideways shawl from Knitscene (rav) and madelinetosh pashmina in fathom and tern.

Short-Row Shawl

The errata is very important for this pattern. but once you get past that, it is completely mindless. i like that you cast-on from the bottom and the rows get progressively shorter. I weaved in my ends as I knit.

i have only 2 beefs with this shawl. 1) it's very small. it's really only long enough to drape over the shoulders. i'd prefer that the wingspan were longer so i could wrap it around my neck. 2) the yarn bled like crazy when i washed it. the blue especially bled onto the grey. b/c of my color choices it doesn't show up too prominently but if i had chosen, say red and white, i'd probably be way more upset.

Short-Row Shawl

I tend not to wear the shawls i knit but this one is very cozy and warm with a bit of weight to it, kind of like a blanket for the shoulders. i'd probably wear it more if it were bigger but it'll do.


  1. It's gorgeous!! I've never seen that pattern before. I recently purchased some pashmina, so I can only imagine how soft and luxurious your shawl feels. Good to know that it bleeds....



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