Monday, November 18, 2013

productive spinning

i've been spinning up a storm. so far this month, i've finished 4 skeins with another on the bobbin now, plus 2 more that were already done in October and just needed to be washed. Today I have 4 of those yarns ready to share.

BFL/silk singles

This one's part of the fatcatknits spinalong. It's Abigail gradient in BFL/silk. I spun it as a heavy worsted weight singles and fulled it heavily. I haven't decided yet whether to list it in the shop or to use it as weft in a scarf.

ETA: I added it to the shop.

4ply CVM

2 skeins of undyed CVM 4ply worsted weight. i plied these last month. i had planned to dye them and was waiting to finish until then, but i've reconsidered their use. now i'm thinking of using them as warp with some of my more fragile handspuns. the neutral beige should blend nicely with more exciting colors.

fatcatknits orion

one of those CVMs might be put to work with my (mostly) spindle-spun yarn. i think where i ran into the most trouble was in winding a plying ball. i think i would've had more success if i'd kept the singles separate for plying. this one is more inconsistent than i'd like but i think it'll look ok as weft in a scarf. it's fatcatknits in orion, superwash merino 2ply thick n thin.

it's getting to be that time of year again when it takes an age to dry anything. i might have to wait until next week to show the rest of my yarns.


  1. These are so beautiful! I love your handspun yarns!

  2. Beautiful yarn!!

  3. OMG the Abigail gradient, I am in love with it! I selfishly wish you would put it in your shop so I could have it for my very own!



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