Monday, November 25, 2013

Pretty Yarn Day: More Handspun

The handspun skeins from my spinning binge last weekend finally dried.

Autumn Rainbow handspun

This is the non-gradient Abigail from fatcatknits (on the right). i borrowed the Spinner's Book of Yarn Designs from the library not long ago, and since then i've been dying to try the opposing ply yarn. You spin 2 singles clockwise and one single counter-clockwise, and then ply all three in the counter-clockwise direction. I was interested to learn that during plying, the 2 Z singles kind of wrap around the S single. I started with Polwarth, which is a naturally elastic wool, and the finished yarn is super round and bouncy. it's worsted spun, 130yds/4.3oz, chunky weight.

Gem Batts

My second yarn is from these batts. I started with superwash mcn mill ends that I dyed with acid dyes. then i blended them with black superwash merino and a tiny sprinkle of silver angelina. There's a batt of each color plus 2 batts of transition between cerise/cobalt and cobalt/yellow. i divided all the batts in half and spun 2 bobbins transitioning through the colors. The finished yarn is 375yds/5.2oz of 2ply dk weight woolen spun. it's very soft.

Gem Sparkle Handspun Yarn

Both of these yarns and the BFL/silk singles from last week are in the shop.

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  1. These are gorgeous and look so soft and squishy - especially the Abigail. Love!



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