Monday, October 21, 2013


I'm finding that weaving makes a good in-between project. it doesn't take a tremendous amount of time and can be a welcome change of pace when i'm tired of binding quilts or churning out baby bibs. please excuse the crap instagram photos. whatever is left after the craft show will go into the shop and i'll take nicer photos then. i'm also missing a few others i've finished but these scarves were the only ones within quick grabbing distance.

#weaving #wollmeise

i used the 10-dent heddle and wollmeise pure in farn WD for the warp and wollmeise twin in erbse for the weft. i like how the variegated yarn in the warp adds subtle texture. wollmeise makes a beautiful drapey fabric as well.

Clown barf scarf #weaving #schacht

for this one i dug out some older stash yarn and again used the 10-dent heddle. i bought a vesper wee skein kit from a destash ages ago but could never make up my mind what i wanted to use it for. i chose the 2 cooler miniskeins for the warp and alternated the 2 warmer skeins for the weft to make a stripey plaid-ish fabric that i'm affectionately referring to as the "clown-barf scarf." i kind of want to keep this one all to myself. i'm pretty sure the base on these is louet gems. it's a thin high-twist 2ply and the drape and lightness of this scarf is wonderful.

Pooling scarf #weaving #schacht @jillmakesstuff #jilldraper

i did this one over the weekend. it was my first attempt at a pooling scarf and setting up the warp is surprisingly easy. although, i highly recommend locking up your cats b/c they will want to pounce. i used the 8-dent heddle and some worsted jill draper yarn for the warp and a fingering mcn jill draper yarn for the weft. this one is my attempt at a warp-faced weave so the pooling colors really stand out. the fabric is a little on the flimsy side but it's very soft. i think i'd rather it be too light than too dense. i kind of want to keep this one too.

i'm doing another pooling scarf in wollmeise in reds and purples. i'm sure one day i'll finally get tired of doing plain weave scarves but i think it's going to take awhile.


  1. Oh my, those are gorgeous! And they look really soft! I bet you'll sell some of those for sure.

  2. They are gorgeous, especially the last one!

  3. I have already enjoyed these on Instagram, but - these are gorgeous. I especially love the pooled one. Weaving is such a mystery to me, still, and I remain totally riveted by that effect.

  4. These are beautiful, especially the last one. Great job with the pooling!



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