Monday, October 28, 2013

last minute details

So I'm getting down to the final bits before the craft show this weekend. I've been putting it off but tonight I have to force myself to make a couple of tablecloths. gah. could anything be more boring? at any rate, over the weekend one of my goals was to make a fabulous cash apron. I've had the Polka Dot Cafe Apron from Patchwork Please earmarked for the longest time. I just needed to pick out fabric and actually make the thing.


Naturally, I started with the patchwork blocks. this is one of those times that you should really pick out all of the fabrics in advance but because i'm scatterbrained, i did them one at a time. i wanted something cute and quirky in each block and something sewing-related with a low-volume fabric for the background. i quickly found out that i don't really have much sewing-themed fabric in the stash. i had to settle for using the moda ruler canvas twice. i also wish i had used a different fabric for the heather ross laundry but i was getting tired and decided to make it work. i'm not great at fussy cutting either. i always seem to mess something up.

i used the templates except that i cut squares in half for the triangles. i went very slowly and the blocks were pretty accurate size-wise. after making the blocks i completely disregarded the instructions and assembled the apron like i normally would. i divided the pocket into 2 sections: 2 of the blocks are for cash and the third is for coins/my phone. i'm debating now whether i should have added velcro or some kind of closure to the pockets but they are deep enough i honestly doubt anything will fall out.

My cash apron for the craft show #patchworkplease @ayumills

when it came time to make the apron part, i couldn't decide what fabric to use. I've been hoarding my echino geeky deer for awhile now, waiting for the perfect project. i bought a whole yard of the black print and decided that i should just take the plunge and put it to use. i fully lined my apron with black essex linen rather than hemming. i like the extra weight.

It's not perfect, but i think it's pretty cute. now back to those tablecloths.


  1. That apron is adorable. I think it's an awesome use of the geeky/hipster deer print.

  2. Final details....not the most fun. But your apron is really cute...the fabrics totally work together!

  3. Just adore this and what a great use for your deer dots. Love that you lined it - good idea!



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