Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WIP-it Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
lots of yarn-y shares this week.

Finished this week

  1. do. good stitches block
  2. Two Woven Scarves.
    First woven scarf
    My first scarf used some leftover Plymouth Superwash Merino Worsted in 2 colors. it's about 5 inches wide by 68 inches long without fringe. I now realize that I had the loom warped incorrectly and the error made it very difficult to make my selvages even. so this one was just for practice. I got to work on hemstitching and post-washing, the scarf is reasonably drapey and soft.
    Stashbuster scarf #weaving #craftsy
    My second scarf used Berroco Vintage in the warp and leftover worsted weight yarns in the weft. It's about 8 inches wide and 70 inches long not counting fringe. This time around I still warped the loom incorrectly though in a different way from last time. After I fixed the warp in the middle of weaving, my selvages evened out dramatically. i might not be terrible at this after all! It was fun using all different weft yarns. i threw in a few handspuns and got to see what different ply structures look like as woven fabric. I think my favorite stripe is this one using malabrigo. There's a cushiness to it and I like how it stripes. This scarf is still not up to my standards as far as actually wearing it but i think the third scarf will be a keeper.

    One thing about weaving that surprised me is how wrinkly the finished object is post-washing. Knitted items don't really wrinkle but both of my scarves could've benefited from a post-wash steam. I did steam-block the first scarf for pictures but got lazy on the second.

    I am eager to keep weaving but thanks to long-ago deciding that i'm more of a fine-gauge knitter, I have very few worsted weight yarns in the stash. I ordered a 10-dent heddle but it's on backorder. so all of my lovely sock yarns waiting to become future scarves will have to wait a little while longer.

In Progress

  1. I'm plugging away on my Acer cardi. I am glad that i decided to alternate skeins after all, because there's a small hint of pooling on the left side. The instagram filter makes it easier to see. I need to knit a few more inches on the body before I'm ready to divide for sleeves. The stated length in the pattern is pretty cropped, so i'm adding on 2 additional inches to make it fit me better.
    #acercardi progress

  2. Leaders/Enders quilt: Yup, still going. I've pieced all the squares for my quilt into pairs and now i'm stitching pairs into rows of 4 squares to prepare for my 16-patches.
  3. CVM handspun: I'm oh so close to filling up my turkish spindle. after that i'll go back to the wheel to spin the remaining 2 ounces.
  4. Indigo Drum Carded Batts: I have owned a drum carder since 2009. I've used it very little because I've always found it difficult and slow to use. I watched a bunch of youtube videos and it dawned on me that my carder isn't functioning the way it's supposed to. I explained my frustration to Spicy and he looked it over for me.

    We discovered that the chain drive was off one of the gears, so in fact, my drum carder hasn't worked since I've owned it. Spicy whipped out his manly mechanical skills and ta-da! the carder works. I wasn't quite sure if I should feel like an ass for not realizing it was broken for all those years (I just assumed my carding skills sucked), or if I should be elated that it finally works the way it's supposed to. I settled for being very very grateful.

    Anyway, with a functioning carder, I was able to churn out these batts in record time. I had dyed a bunch of yarn, fiber, and fabric with indigo awhile back. I forgot to take a picture pre-blending, but I had 2 slightly different shades of fairly solid superwash merino, some deep navy bamboo fiber with white streaks, and a pinch of pale blue firestar sparkle. it only took 2 passes to get these lovely smooth batts. There's 4.1oz total. I cannot wait to spin them up but I need to finish the CVM in progress first. now that I can card without wanting to tear out my hair, I see a lot more blending in my future.
    Indigo dyed drum carded batts


  1. Looooove that cornflower blue color!

  2. Oh, that color is luscious! I love the scarves - even though you said they aren't quite "right", I like the wabi-sabi edging. :)

  3. Ohhhh... texture! I just want to reach out and touch these!

  4. Wow, look at you go with your weaving! I may have missed this, but what loom did you get? I've had wrinkly scarves post washing too. My practice now is to throw them in the dryer with some towels to take some of the dampness out, then to give them a light pressing. I like the way that the tumble drying tightens up the weave, though I've also gone too far and created ripples in the fabric.



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