Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WIP-it Wednesday #19

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
A bit of housekeeping: This will be my last post for a couple of weeks. I have some deadline projects I have to concentrate on and there won't be much to blog for awhile. Enjoy the remainder of your summer and I'll be back eventually. You can follow me on instagram if you like--there will always be cat pictures.

Finished this week

  1. Nothing. oh sadness.

In progress this week

  1. Leaders/enders Postage Stamp: I'm up to 400 pairs. You may well ask just how big i'm planning to make this quilt and the answer is I have no idea. i go back and forth between wanting to do a decent lap size, like 64x72 and wanting to go for broke and make a queen size, 88x88. i think i'm going to keep it when i'm finally done, so there's no hurry to decide.
    400 pairs
  2. hexagon mini
  3. Indigo Socks I
  4. CVM pindrafted roving: Halfway done with the singles.
    Four bobbins

Idle projects

  1. scrappy trips
  2. Xmas quilt
  3. sampler quilt
  4. granny squares qayg
  5. log cabin qayg
  6. medallion
  7. wonky bee #1 quilt
  8. herringbone quilt
  9. yo yo pillow
  10. polaroid blocks
  11. embroidery mandalas
  12. triangles quilt

New starts

  1. Needs a name kaleidoscope quilt: I had an idea and I made it a reality. i'm really happy with how this turned out and i'm seriously debating writing up a pattern.
    Trying to make this a reality

Yardage progress

FYI: I'm rounding to the nearest 1/8th of a yard to keep the math simplified. i only count yards used per week from finished projects. Scraps don't count, because...well, they're scraps.
Used this week: 0yd
Yards acquired: 0. so, there's that.
+/-: -104.25 yds


  1. Lovely colours in your kaleidoscope quilt .. don't you love it when a plan comes together?

  2. Your kaleidoscope is wonderful! I love the text prints and flying geese border.

  3. Love the colors in your kaleidoscope quilt! I am always tempted to use black--your palette here is very inspiring. The text prints work beautifully with design. Gorgeous!

  4. Oh wow... I'm in awe over your kaleidoscope quilt.

  5. Love these colors and the design. That's a great selection of background prints. You should definitely do a pattern!

    With that green block and the flying geese, you could call it "Go Your Own Way".

  6. Love that kaleidoscope! And I can't wait to see the progress as you go with that postage stamp. I've always wanted to make one but I fear patience is not on my side.

  7. The kaleidoscope looks fantastic. Did you use Touchdraw for it, I'm debating whether to buy or not! And I love your postage stamp squares.

  8. The kaleidoscope quilt is so pretty! I love the colour combinations. :)

  9. Love that quilt top! Really striking design. Best of luck with the deadlines and looking forward to your return in a few weeks ;)

  10. I hope you get a lot done on your blogging break! Your new quilt top is freaking awesome. The fact that you are making it happen is so great!



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